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At long last, Oxalic Acid has been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Now there is a simple, safe way to combat the Varroa Destructor mite. Oxalic acid vapor has been successfully used in Canada and Europe to treat varroa for a number of years. They have found that there are no ill effects on the bees. In fact, many beekeepers report that even after a single treatment of oxalic acid vapor, their bees just seem happier.

Treating couldn't be easier. It is no longer is it necessary to open a hive and disturb the bees. Simply put the required amount of oxalic acid into the vaporizer. Insert the vaporizer through the beehive entrance and connect a 12-volt battery. Total treatment takes less than 15 minutes and costs only a few pennies per hive.

Advantages of using an Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No complicated mixing when using the vaporizer
  • No ill effects on the queen, eggs or larvae
  • No bee die-off due to treatment
  • Oxalic acid is a natural product found in honey and many plants
  • Mites are seemingly are unable to build up a resistance
  • Free measuring cup included
  • Made in Urbana Ohio USA (not a foreign import)
  • Can be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management system
  • Many beekeepers report that bees seem happier after treatment
  • Length of wand inserted into hive - 13 inches
  • Capacity of cup - 2 grams
  • Length of power cable - 5 foot 6 inch
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Click HERE to see the results of a study using 110 bee hives and Oxalic Acid Vapor. This was done by the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and completed in 2014.

Click HERE to read the EPA Oxalic Acid information label in a pdf file

Varroa destructor

The Varroa destructor is an external parasitic mite that attacks our honey bees. It attaches itself to adult bees, weakening them by sucking out their blood (hemolymph) and affecting the overall health of the hive. This mite also is know to spread many diseases. If an infested colony is not treated, it will likely perish. The Varroa Destructor mite can only reproduce in a honeybee colony. While it is difficult completely rid a hive of this parasite, most hives can tolerate a small mite load. It is generally accepted that there should be less than 2 mites per 100 bees. Any hive that exceeds this threshold should be treated to reduce the number of mites.

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